Reading is my passion. And I am slowly discovering that I like writing too. I love the way the words suddenly start flowing once I start typing. How things I think I had forgotten take on new life once they’re put into words. How there is no danger of my forgetting them again.

I want to record my years as a Mom. Not just the milestones and stuff but also the gamut of feelings I go through each day. I want this to be a record of our journey – Anna, R and I. So that I can look back at it years later and laugh and cry and hopefully be proud of what I was. So that Anna can one day read it and maybe get a small idea of how she is my whole life.

Now the journey is not just about Anna, R and I. Now we have one more little member – Niki. My darling baby boy – who taught me that motherhood is not so very hard.


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