Naughty boy

What do I say about Niki? The one word I use most often to describe him is naughty, but he is so much more than that. He is the funniest baby I have ever seen, he is gorgeous with his creamy skin and brown eyes and brown hair, he is big and strong, he is cute, he is totally lovable. Nineteen months old; I as usual have trouble believing that.

He has really picked up on talking in the last couple of months. No sentences yet, but lots of words and sometimes he strings two together. He doesn’t babble much, usually we can make out what he’s saying. R has taught him various ways to call ‘birdies’ from the window so he can say ‘Aaja birdie’ in a singing voice, in anger, and in a loving way. Ask him ‘Birdie ko pyaar se bula do’ and he says ‘Aaja birdie’ in a very sweet voice with an adorable little flick of his head at the end. He recognizes various animals in pictures like elephant, dog, cat, monkey, lion, snake and knows the sounds they make. Also stuff around the house like pot, painting, light, fan, TV. He still loves ‘lighties’. He isn’t as fond of books as Anna was but he does sit with me and go through his board books. We haven’t yet graduated to paper books because he’s even managed to tear some of his board books.

He’s a very active baby. He doesn’t walk if he can run. On the bed he goes crazy. He’ll throw himself face down on the pillows, turn somersaults (seeing Anna doing them once was enough for him to learn) and makes sure that we can’t relax for even a second. He’s quite good at kicking a ball around and has been since he became steady on his feet at around 14 months old. He can climb up and go down on a small slide all by himself. He loves going out.

Water makes him go mad with excitement and there is no way we can keep him away if he sees it. He’s figured out how to open his sippers and will spill all the water if we let him. R has to somehow keep him distracted while I give Anna her bath in the morning, because if he sees us he will howl until I let him in. I just need to tell him once that it’s ‘brush time’ or ‘hand wash time’ and he will go and stand on the stool in front of the sink. As soon as I switch on the tap he starts throwing the water around. If R tells him it’s bath time he immediately comes running to me and says ‘Mumma nai-nai come’. He obviously loves his bath time and does his best to drink the bath water. He’s also become smart about it, he’ll try to distract me and then open his mouth wide and dive into the water. Or if he’s in a naughty mood, he’ll look me in the eye, smile a naughty smile and try to drink the water. He loves it when I say ‘chee’ in disgust and repeats it after me. Though then he insists that the water is ‘accha’, which is what he says whenever he eats something he likes.

He is thankfully still fond of food. He will immediately ask to eat whenever he sees anyone eating and will at least take one bite of whatever it is. He doesn’t like sweet (the exceptions being lollypop and ice cream) but will eat stuff which is spicy.

He knows everyone’s names and say a mangled version of each name on being asked ‘so-and-so ka naam kya hai?’. He has started throwing huge tantrums with either really loud screaming and flinging himself down on the floor or heart-breaking sobs if he doesn’t get his way. When he’s screaming he’ll try to look out of the corner of his eye for our reaction and will increase or decrease the volume based on what he sees. Sometimes distracting him works but sometimes we have to let him scream and get it out. He specifically wants whatever Anna has and it’s becoming a challenge to stop this behaviour. We obviously don’t let him have his way most of the time and this has lead to quite a lot of screaming in the past one month.

Here he is, wearing R’s glasses. He looks like a little Harry Potter :).


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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