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Just a few.

Couple of days ago, R had taken Anna to the doctor in the evening. Niki was fine for some time but then he kept asking Didi? Papa? non stop and kept going to her room to look for her. I finally had to put him to sleep because he got so upset.
Yesterday it was Niki’s turn to fall sick. He had a cold and was quite dull and listless while playing with us. But the minute Didi entered the house, there was a big smile on his face, cold was forgotten and he was back to jumping on the bed with her.
Sometimes when life seems even crazier than usual, sometimes when it seems that at any time somebody or the other is crying, sometimes when neither of us gets a break because one kid is always hanging from our necks, sometimes when we feel frustrated to be back in the ‘baby stage’ after leaving it behind once, something like this happens and I remember that this difficult stage shall pass but they have each other forever.

So Niki flung my four year old Kindle on the floor and it stopped working. I shed a few tears but then R ordered the new Kindle Paperwhite for me as an early birthday gift. It arrived yesterday and is the most lovely thing I have ever layed eyes on – excluding my babies of course 🙂

Anna: Mumma, (two of her friend’s names) Mummas don’t go to office. You also tell your office and don’t go.
Me (struggling to find an answer): But Baby, Mumma likes going to office. Everyone should work.
The tough questions have started!

Niki spotting a car from the window – K-k-kaar! SRK move over – Niki is going to take over.
Hanging from the same window shouting ‘Aajjaaa bardie’ at the top of his voice; surprised because no birds are coming. 
He bites me (really hard) on my shoulder and then is furious when I don’t let him bite me again; dissolves into angry tears when R scolds him; the ‘life is unfair’ look on his face is hilarious enough to make me forget the pain.
He loves lighties. Will switch one on and give a fake gasp when it turns on. Then switches it off and says firmly ‘lightie op’. 
Second love is lion. First animal he recognized was lion, he can growl like a lion and he insists that most four-legged animals are lions; gets quite offended when I refuse to agree that the horse in one of his books is ‘lionie’.
He plays hide and seek; when he finds us he waits for us to say ‘boo’; if we forget he says it himself, ‘booo!”.
He wants everything that Didi has, wants to drink water from her bottle even though his is almost the same, wants to play with her piano, wants to eat her books, wants the exactly same thing she is holding; then when he gets it (sometimes) he shows it to her with a superior look on his face. But when she gets up in the morning (he’s awake long before that), he gives her his biggest smile; shouts ‘Didi’ and rushes to hug her. Touchwood.

Some photos

Anna made the card for R’s birthday and I made the cake.


Lion or as Niki calls it “Mammo”


Running around in my in-law’s garden.



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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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