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My second little baby – sometimes ignored, sometimes spoiled. Always being crushed by Didi’s enthusiastic hugs. Growing up quietly day by day without our even realising it. Today you are are a year old. Today I find it hard to remember how we were when you were not here. You made me realise that being a mother is not so very hard after all. You became a year old without a fuss. Just keep being the lovable, squishable baby that you are.
Happy First Birthday Niki!

Middle of the night, something makes me open my eyes. Only to see a baby face inches from mine giggling in (holy or unholy?) delight. Happens at least twice a week. But still my heart stops for a second each time.
I ignore him and try to go back to sleep. Sometimes it works. Sometimes stage two happens – pulling Mumma’s hair, poking little fingers into Mumma’s eyes, nose, mouth. If this doesn’t work, stage three always does. Try and climb over Mumma and dive head first onto the floor.
Sleep, I thought our breakup was supposed to be over by now?

Anna (while hugging me tightly): Mumma, I love you sooo much.
Me (metling into a puddle of mush): I love you too sweetie.
Anna is following me around the house trying to hang onto my legs.
Me (a bit exasperated): Anna why are you following me?
Anna: Because I love you.
Melting again.
Anna: Mumma do you know how much I love you? Thiiiis much (spreading her arms as wide as she can).
Melting again and again.
The fabulous fours! I am loving it .

Anna (to R): Papa mujhe tennis khelna hai, cricket racquet se.
R: ???
What she really wanted to play – Badminton.

A house full of toys. But both of them still manged to fight over an old, torn sticker. Stupid babies. Or maybe stupid Mommy. We should stop buying over priced Fisher Price stuff and just ask everyone to donate whatever old, broken stuff they have.

Four years ago, you were a tiny little baby. Today you are a big sister. The past year was both the most fun and the most difficult. Going to a proper school, getting used to a tiny little being who takes up a lot of your parents’ attention, spending 3 months in a new city with yet another new school and no Papa, coming back to Bangalore and getting used to Mumma going to office again after a long time, getting used to sharing your life with the little being who got older and naughtier and more demanding, showing so much love and concern for him (Didi aa rahi hai Niki, ro mat). I am so proud of you for the maturity and intelligence which seems far more than could be possible for a four year old. The tantrums and screaming and whining are still not gone – which is good otherwise we would forget how small you actually are.
Happy fourth birthday Anna!

His eyes light up the minute he sees her. She can just say something random like ‘pink hat’ and he bursts out laughing. She just has to be in the same room for him to keep looking at her. It’s her kitchen set he most wants to play with (rattles are so boring Mumma).
She was a very demanding and active baby. He is relatively laid back and easy to handle.
She did everything super fast – rolled over at 4 months, said ‘mama’ at six months, crawled at seven months, walked at 11 months, was talking in full sentences before she was two.
He rolled over at six months, said ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ at 8 months, and at 9 months old the lazy little bum is still happy in just one place.
They are both so perfect – and they are mine . Watching them together – pure bliss!

Anna recently got a tattoo painted on at a birthday party. She has since then been obsessed with tattoos.
Sample conversation:
Anna: I want a tattoo.
Me: You can’t get one everyday.
Anna: Lekin mera bohot mann hai.
Me: You can’t get one. No more discussion.
Repeat above 100 times.
I just hope we don’t start having this conversation again once she’s sixteen.



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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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  1. Lovely updates but I do miss you reading here regularly!

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