My FOUR year old!

Anna is now FOUR years old. All that is coming into my mind right now are cliches, so I guess I’ll not say anything about that now and try again later :).

We finally had a big birthday party this year. We had a family lunch for her first birthday and then had parties at home for her friends in the apartment for the last two years. This year I wasn’t in the mood to put in the effort plus Niki’s ‘mundan’ was on the 12th so I wouldn’t get that much time to prepare plus we’d been to quite a few parties in the past few years and wanted to call many more people than could be called at home. We did make it a point to invite only people with kids since it was Anna’s party so that did cut down the list a bit. We ultimately chose a place that was above budget but then again we’re not planning on throwing another party for at least another four years so that should be okay. There were around 45 adults and 25 kids, food was good, decor was just loads and loads of balloons, cake was fresh pineapple with Peppa Pig and her little brother George. Anna loved it! I’m glad we didn’t do this for her first birthday since it would have meant nothing to her then. She really enjoyed all the attention and kept saying that ‘this is the best birthday ever!’. Niki really enjoyed himself and didn’t get too cranky even though he skipped his nap. He really is a foodie and managed to eat almost as much of the party food as Anna did even after eating the lunch I had packed and brought for him.

I did feel a bit guilty about taking the ‘easy’ way out and not having the party at home, but the party turned out to be great. The kids enjoyed themselves, we got to catch up with people we hadn’t met in ages and I was able to get all dressed up and wear heels and enjoy myself. Next year we’ll go back to having the party at home but it was nice to be able to just show up and not have to do anything at all :).

Here is what I had put up on Facebook on her birthday-
Four years ago, you were a tiny little baby. Today you are a big sister. The past year was both the most fun and the most difficult. Going to a proper school, getting used to a tiny little being who takes up a lot of your parents’ attention, spending 3 months in a new city with yet another new school and no Papa, coming back to Bangalore and getting used to Mumma going to office again after a long time, getting used to sharing your life with the little being who got older and naughtier and more demanding, showing so much love and concern for him (Didi aa rahi hai Niki, ro mat). I am so proud of you for the maturity and intelligence which seems far more than could be possible for a four year old. The tantrums and screaming and whining are still not gone – which is good otherwise we would forget how small you actually are.
Happy fourth birthday Anna!

Fun with balloons!


Cutting the cake for her ‘home birthday party’.


I still find it difficult to believe that my little baby is now four years old. Four year olds are BIG kids. They go to school, they talk properly and understand stuff, they are smart, they can’t be distracted or fooled so easily, they remember stuff, they actually play with their friends, they very rarely cry when Mumma or Papa leaves, they always want you to bring ‘something’ for them, they eat on their own, they don’t start crying when they wake up in the middle of the night, they hug and kiss you a million times on their own, they say ‘I love you Mumma sooo much’, they can go to toilet on their own, they don’t ‘need’ you quite so much as they did last year.

My sweetest Anna,
I don’t have words to tell you how much Papa and I love you and how very proud of you we are. You’re such a delightful child – cute and bubbly, intelligent and smart, loving and sensitive. Sometimes you push us too far, behave rudely, answer back and in general make sure that our lives aren’t too easy. But that’s okay sweetheart. No matter how much we shout or scold you or punish you, we love you just the same. We love you with the same heart-stopping intensity when you’re having a tantrum as we do when you’re hugging us or doing something really creative or smart.
Our expectations from you are very high and we know that you have it in you to meet them. So we will keep trying our best to make sure that you become the best little girl that you can be – loving, well-mannered, respectful, sincere, hard-working, truthful, brave. May you be all that and much more.
I love you more than I can ever tell you.



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2 Responses to My FOUR year old!

  1. Omg she is 4 already.

    Belated happy birthday to Anna!!

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