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Niki’s Mundan

In both our families we have the tradition of the ‘mundan’ – the baby’s head is shaved either in the first year or in the third year. My family is mostly very non-traditional. We don’t follow many rituals and nor … Continue reading

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Bloggy stuff

All the posts I had put up till yesterday were uncategorized and untagged. Then somehow yesterday I ended up tagging the post and realized that this is something I should have been doing all along. So I just spent around … Continue reading

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My FOUR year old!

Anna is now FOUR years old. All that is coming into my mind right now are cliches, so I guess I’ll not say anything about that now and try again later :). We finally had a big birthday party this … Continue reading

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The Second Born Tag

I had tagged myself with The First Born Tag for Anna. Niki isn’t my first born but I’m tagging myself again :). 1. WAS YOUR PREGNANCY PLANNED?  Yes. I’ve blogged about it here. 2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? … Continue reading

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