My little lion…

is here! Born on 1st August 2013 at 9:25 am.

I’ve finally managed to focus enough today to write about him. The poor second baby :(.

Anyway I don’t know when I’ll be writing again so I’ll get straight to the birth story.

Mummy and my grandfather arrived here on 22nd July. I stopped going to office from 19th but was working from home. Finally I got fed-up and applied for maternity leave from 25th but was still working a few hours a day. On 31st I had a scan and check-up. I was already 38 weeks along by then. The doctor doing the scan said that the cervix was closed and we just had to wait and watch. We were quite disappointed because I was really getting impatient by then. But then when we had the check-up, my doctor did an internal exam and said I was already 2 cm dilated without even realizing it. She said that since this was my second baby and we live a bit far from the hospital we should come in for an induction the next day morning. We told her we’d think about it and came home. We decided to go for the induction and hurriedly packed my bag and made preparations for the next few days including telling Anna that Mumma would be in hospital for a few days. Mummy was somehow sure that we wouldn’t need the induction and my labour would start in the night. And she was right – around 9 pm I had my first contraction. We went to bed around 10:30 and by then contractions we around 10 minutes apart and not too painful. I finally got up around 1 am and we left for the hospital. Anna also got up and was quite upset and crying. Mummy managed to make her quieten down by promising her that she could go to the hospital in the morning.

I was 4-5 cms dilated by the time I got admitted. Pain was intense but manageable so I didn’t ask for an epidural. By around 4 am I was 8-9 cms done and was still managing the pain quite well though I’m sure poor R’s hand was crushed by then. The doctor said that I would deliver in an hour and I was feeling quite good. It was then that the nightmare started. The contractions started getting more and more painful but whenever the nurses checked, they kept saying that the baby’s head was not down and we just had to wait. The pain was out of my control and I really started feeling I wouldn’t survive. They refused to give me an epidural since I was already fully dilated. Finally at around 8:30 the doctor said that the head had come down and I could start pushing. I was already beyond exhausted but this gave me a fresh burst of energy. Little Niki was finally born at 9:25 am. The doctors later told me that they had never expected such a long and painful labour since it was my second time. It took so long because he was a big baby – 3.45 kgs – and he was in a posterior position and needed to turn before he could come out.

I burst into tears the minute he was out – I was just so relieved that it was over. For around half an hour after he was born I didn’t even think much about him. I was in some haze just trying to recover from the most difficult hours of my life. This labour was so much much worse than Anna’s.

He was whisked away by the doctors to a part of the room I couldn’t see. Once I was stitched up and a bit more comfortable I realized that they arent’ bringing the baby to me. R told me then that he has some fluid in his lungs and they’re keeping him in observation. If he’s not fine in an hour they might have to keep him in the NICU for some time. Luckily he was fine and I finally got my first real look of him an hour after he was born. My baby boy – who made me fall in love with him in spite of the trauma I had gone through. Who made everything seem so very worth it the minute he was placed in my arms. Who makes me feel so very blessed every single day. Who makes me feel that my life is complete now. When Anna was born there was always the question of the second. Now there are no more questions. I have my two gorgeous babies and I am so very lucky to have them.

Mummy and Anna had already arrived and were waiting in the room when we finally left the labour room. Anna was sooo excited to meet her baby brother. She’s taken it much better than I expected. She’s never complained that she doesn’t sleep with me any longer, there have only been a few instances of ‘baby accha nahi hai’, she doesn’t seem to be jealous of him much. She does act up occasionally and we have to keep stopping her from squeezing his fingers and touching him all the time and waking him up. But mostly it’s been good and we’ve settled into a decent routine.

As for Niki, he’s the most cuddlesome and gorgeous little baby. He’s a big baby and never looked like a new born. He never had the wrinkled peeling skin or wizened look of new borns. He’s a calmer baby than Anna was and cries less. The first few days he slept a lot and there have been no nights of no sleep and screaming like Anna had. Or it could be that I’m used to sleeping much less. Overall the transition from one to two has been pretty smooth and I’m really enjoying my second little baby so very much. Sometimes I feel so surprised that I have TWO babies and feel so very blessed all over again. Also I feel so good that I am finally done – no more pregnancy and labour to go through ever again.

Here he is – just a day old – dressed in pink since we were so sure that we were having another girl :P.


My darling Anna – she looks so big to me now.



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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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  1. Congratulations, he is adorable and wishing you good times with both darlings πŸ™‚

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