My darling Anna

I wanted to do a post when Anna turned two and a half – that was 3 months ago – sigh. Anyway, I will not go into excuses and reasons and instead just list everything down.

1) Anna is a chatterbox. I know I keep saying it but the one most striking thing about her is the amount she talks and the way she talks. She’s in a really hilarious phase right now and keeps us entertained with the gems she comes up with. She has actually learnt how to count and is mostly accurate in counting upto 5 of anything. What surprises me even more is that when she’s not in the mood she deliberately gives the wrong answer or answers with something totally unrelated. She’s learning English – her preschool teachers say she understands everything even though she always answers back in Hindi. Her accent leaves a lot to be desired for, she spends the day with the maid and so talks like her – Mommy guilt in full force here too. She tells stories and sings songs and is a big drama queen. She uses her lower lip to full effect and the full on drama is making R dread the years to come. She has also started lying and I have no clue how to handle that. It’s always harmless and I know it’s normal so I let it be, though I usually try to make it clear to her that I know she’s lying. Mostly it’s just to get attention – stuff like everyone in school got breakfast but I didn’t get any. The first time I actually called the school to ask but now I’ve got wiser. But the problem is I can’t fully trust what she says. So when I ask her everyday about how her day was and how Aunty treated her, I know she’s lying when she tells me that Aunty didn’t give her anything to eat, but then again I don’t want to miss something which is actually wrong just thinking that she’s lying.

2) Potty training is fully done – fingers crossed. She’d been off day time diapers for a long time and around a month ago we finally removed the night time ones as well. No accidents so far and I think we’re over that stage. She in any case doesn’t pee in the middle of the night so the pain of having to get up and take her to the toilet is not there.

3) The ‘I will do everything myself’ stage is in full swing. We’re trying to let her do stuff herself but sometimes when it’s just not possible she might have a major meltdown. Another not so nice phase is the ‘everything is mine’ phase. She specially has a lot of competition with my cousin’s daughter who is almost a year old and tries to grab her toys and whatever she’s playing with. The problem is that all the other kids are less than a year old and still in the baby stage. She is the only toddler around and so is the one who always gets scolded for being naughty. I’m trying to find a balance between being too strict and letting her get away with bad behaviour. But I think because of my horror for badly behaved children I lean too much on the other side. She’s after all not yet three and sometimes I feel really bad for having scolded her. So that’s my biggest challenge currently – defusing the bad behaviour without being too harsh and also without spoiling her.

3) School admission is done and I’m so relieved. Not that we were too worried or taking too much effort – but it is a load off our heads. Our biggest priority was distance – not more than 5kms from home. That narrowed the number of prospective schools down to 3. The first one she got into very easily – one of the teachers took her in to see some toys and luckily she happily went with her. Came out after 10 minutes and they said we can pay the fees. The school was good but not exactly what I had in mind – it looked more like a corporate office and I am pretty old fashioned when it comes to education. So we decided to wait for at least the result of one more school before paying – it was 30k non-refundable. The other school is a junior school till KG which then feeds into a main branch. They called us for ‘interaction’ – I thought they would mostly talk to us and maybe ask Anna a few questions. We met the principal who didn’t ask us a single thing, all the questions were directed to Anna. What’s your name, sing a rhyme, identify animals, shapes, colours. She answered ALL the questions and we were so proud of her. I did feel bad that she gave her first ‘interview’ at the tender age of two and a half, that the rat race starts so young. But what choice do we have? Anyway we were just glad that she did well and I think the principal thought so too because she got a seat. I’m quite happy with the school – the original main branch is 50 years old and I admit to having a slightly snobbish attitude towards ‘new’ schools. Hopefully she’ll like it there and enjoy going to school as much as her Mumma did.

4) Work is as crazy as usual. I’ve gotten sick of hearing myself crib so I’ve just stopped. I slog hard on weekdays and keep my weekends free – though it is expected that we work on weekends too but phrrrrr. I won’t make my baby pay more for the cost of my career – she’s paying enough as it is.

5) Anna has become such a lovely little girl that I can’t stop myself from wondering over the perfection I see in her :). Sometimes I look at those big sparkling eyes, the lovely round cheeks touched with just the right hint of pink, the rosebud mouth with the glistening pink lips, the arms and legs which are so much longer now with just traces of baby fat – and I feel my heart stop – I feel that I will just burst from the pride and joy and love I feel for her. I feel amazed that something so beautiful and innocent exists in this world. It’s not just the physical perfection I see in her, it’s her sharp mind, her developing sense of humour, her sweetness when she kisses me and snuggles with me, her energy and enthusiasm for everything and even her screaming and her tantrums.

That’s it. There is one more thing I’m dying to write about but it deserves a separate post to itself which I will hopefully get around to soon.


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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2 Responses to My darling Anna

  1. Anna is grown so big, I miss reading about her..You should write more often..I expected to see Anna’s pic..she must have grown so big from I have seen last ..

    • anna's mom says:

      I feel guilty too about writing here so less. Must try more. Anyway thanks for commenting :). No pic because all the pics are still on phone/camera and yet to be transferred – lazy parents we are 😦

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