Happy Birthday To You!

It’s R’s birthday today. I am being a very good wife since yesterday. I left office early and baked him a cake – a vanilla cake with dulce de leche frosting. Sounds impressive but was actually very easy to make. For the gift, I got him the complete Asterix collection. I am amazed at my generosity.

I was so excited about the cake and gift, that we cut the cake yesterday evening and I gave him the gift also. Did I mention that his birthday is actually today? Anyway we had fun. He loved, loved, loved the gift, said the cake was delicious, and I am feeling all smug and virtuous. Anna gave him a kiss and sang her version of the happy birthday song for him. He was so thrilled and told me that I am the second sweetest person in the world. Oh well, there are some things you just can’t compete with.


About anna's mom

First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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2 Responses to Happy Birthday To You!

  1. Happy Birthday to R and that’s a lovely gifts. Last line make me nod my head , it is very true 🙂

  2. anna's mom says:

    Thanks LF! It’s so true. Once the daughters are here, the wives can at best hope to be second best 🙂

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