One (and a half)

So, one and a half years gone by. Just like that. Time really is speeding up and are we enjoying the ride! I know I’ve said this before but each month really does seem to zoom by faster than the previous one. When Anna was born, the first six weeks crawled by like six years. Passing the required one and a half hours between feeds was pure torture when she would be screaming for milk. Then things improved and she started sleeping at night and soon she was six months old. The next six months went by at an okayish pace – not too fast, not too slow. And then she was one. I sometimes feel that she’s still one. Not one and a half. A year ago, six months was a lifetime, now it’s just a blink.

I was feeling really bad yesterday for not cooking for my baby and giving her interesting options to choose from and maybe eat a few bites of. Another load to add to my already overloaded guilt-pack. Anna is not a champion eater. She eats but I rarely ever feel that she’s eaten a lot. She has eaten well on a few occasions when we were eating out – noodles, biryani, dosa, idli, soup. But at home she’ll eat a bit and then she’s done. She might eat a few more bites if I offer something else but I don’t feel that’s a very good habit and try to avoid it. Add to that, that she’s still only 9.5 Kgs. I don’t even want to know what percentile that is for weight. I do know that she’s above the 95th percentile for height but am too scared to check the weight chart. The doctor says she’s fine. But it would be too easy to not worry, so I continue to worry. Yesterday morning, the maid asked me what to pack for her tiffin. I absentmindedly told her to pack some biscuits. Then it struck me that what she mostly takes for tiffin is either fruit (a banana mostly), fruit yoghurt or biscuits. She has the same for her evening snack as well. What kind of a mother does that? Feeling suitably ashamed I decided to make something for her to take for tiffin atleast 3 days a week. Yesterday since it was her 18th month birthday I made chocolate brownie. It did turn out really well and Anna loved it. R first gave her a small bite and she kept asking for more. She rarely does that and it felt so good to have made something my baby enjoyed so much. Packed some for her tiffin today and hope she ate it.

Nothing much to write at the moment. We’ve settled into a routine and life is smooth. Touch wood to that. Anna continues to amaze and delight us with her antics. She’s been teething again for the past few days and I’m not even able to figure out how many teeth she has. She had eight teeth till about maybe two months ago. Now the top two canines are out, two or more of the top molars and maybe two bottom molars. I’m not sure because she just doesn’t let me touch her mouth for longer than a second. Brushing had become a huge struggle a few weeks ago. She was initially fine with it but one day decided that she just doesn’t like it. It was impossible to force her and I was really worried about tooth decay, specially since she still drinks milk from a bottle. Finally, I bought a finger brush and now she allows me to quickly scrub her teeth with it while she is busy with her other brush. She has a cold and cough again. I really don’t know what to do about that. We give her a mixture of tulsi, ginger and honey which does seem to help a lot since she mostly recovers in 3-4 days without any medicine. But then again a few weeks later the cold is back.

R is going to Jabalpur on Sunday for three days to attend a friend’s wedding. I hope this time I’ll fare better than the last time. Anna is older now and this time I also have a maid so things should be fine.

My Sweetest Anna,
I just want you to know that you’re such a joy. For your Papa and me. Just being around you makes us happier than you can imagine. You’re so full of energy and enthusiasm for everything. You’re so smart and happy and that spark in your eyes makes me so happy and proud. You do whine sometimes, you’re stubborn, you don’t eat your dinner properly and by that time since both you and I are tired and cranky, I sometimes snap at you and feel terrible later. Not that the snapping has any effect on you. I love you my chutkan mutkan dahi chatakan.

Anu kahan gayi?

Anu mil gayi!

The Emraan Hashmi look.

Pretty girl.


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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2 Responses to One (and a half)

  1. lovely pictures of Anna. She is grown so big from last pictures you posted. Yeah second year goes so fats. Don’t worry abt weight even Chucky was only that weight when she was 18months. She entered 2 digits only when she almost turned 2. good luck your R is leaving on Sunday and my R is reaching here on Sunday 🙂

  2. anna's mom says:

    thanks LF. my only solace for her weight is that a lot of other kids are the same. and they’re all perfectly healthy. good that your R is back on sunday. now the fun times can begin 🙂

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