No touching, no touching. Only seeing, only seeing.

Who would have thought that such a stupid Himesh Reshamiya song would have such a big impact on my family. We had the TV on one weekend a few weeks ago and this song came on. She picked it up immediately. Part of me was cracking up and part of me was mortified. My daugher, singing a Himesh song! Oh the ignominy. But it has come in useful. She always says no touching, only seeing when she knows she’s not supposed to touch something. The only problem is that it doesn’t stop her from touching it.

There’s so much to write and I’m so confused that I’ll just put it down randomly.

The diwali visit was great. I had a lovely, relaxing week and my parents and grandma (my dad’s mom) got plenty of time to dote on their precious granddaughter. Anna was really very well-behaved and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for the wonderful changes that have come up in her in the past few weeks. She is not so clingy anymore and happily went to my parents after overcoming the initial hesitation. In fact once she figured out that they wouldn’t refuse her anything she would go directly to them, specially my dad. As a result I got some much needed rest and my parents had the pleasure of carrying her around and fulfilling her every demand. Win, win!

She was very well-behaved during the travel part. I was very worried that she would drive me crazy but she was an angel throughout. The rush at the airport on the day of my departure was unbelievable. I spent more than one and half hours standing in line – first for the boarding pass and then for the security check. We just made it in time and were the last people to board the flight. My arms almost came off from having to carry Anna and a heavy bag for so long. Plus we both were pretty sick. Anna was recovering from a cough and cold and had passed it on to me – only mine was much worse. R was really worried and had even asked me to think of not going. Even then we managed just fine. Anna didn’t trouble me at all, didn’t cry, didn’t try to get off my lap or try any mischief at all. I had kept some toys but she was happy with just her dolly and the airline magazine. She did puke all over me once but I am used to it now.

My parents live near the zoo and we went there every single day. She loved watching all the animals, specially the baby giraffe and the baby rhino. My mom’s dressing table was like a treasure trove to her. She was so fascinated by all the tubes and bottles. She has learnt how to open almost any type of tube or bottle and we have to be extra careful now. She fell down one day in the park and since then keeps pointing to her ‘chotu’ and demanding ‘dawai’. It was so lovely to see my dad with her. He’d met her last when she was seven months old and that too only for two days. This time Anna totally made him the happiest man alive by going to him readily and talking to him and playing with him. I am just so happy that she is becoming such a sociable child. Touch wood to that.

She learnt how to ‘count’ in the one week we were there. She counts to four correctly (vaan, too, thee, fore) and after that it’s all random though she does know the words till ten. ABC is sung to the proper tune even if the words are all rubbish after E. She is actually very good at picking up tunes. She knows the tune to a lot of nursery rhymes and sings them with a few correct words and the rest gibberish. Her favourites are I hear thunder, Mary had a little lamb, Baa baa black sheep and Twinkle twinkle. Her favourite song of the moment is chhammak chhallo and she dances ever so cutely to it. Demands for chamma chamma can be made at any time. On the other hand demands for ‘jai jai’ are made equally consistently. She’ll clap her hands and sing ‘om jai jagdi’ and ask for the ‘ghanti’ to ring it.

Scribbling is one of her new favourite games. Pencil and paper are procured and the serious artwork begins. She also loves for me to hold her hand and help her to draw the moon, sun, stars, flowers, butterfly and whatever else I can manage with my limited drawing skills.

She is talking up a storm. Is able to construct basic sentences – mumma aa gaya, boo boo gir gaya, paper de do (sometimes she even adds a peesh and thankoo), kholna nahi (after which she opens whatever it was and says khul gaya), no touching, only seeing, chota baby baith gaya, khana khai, bahar jaana, issko dabao (asking us to press the radio button to switch it on), bunny sleeping (or bunny so gaya), doggie bhaag gaya. She has shortened her name and calls herself Anu. Recognizes all people she meets regularly, mausi, mausaji, mama, mami and her little friends, by name. Recognizes more animals and birds than I can count. Most importantly she understands everything we tell her. It’s so easy and so much fun to talk to her now. I really, really love the stage she is in now and can only keep wondering that how the two of us managed to produce someone so perfect.

R missed her like crazy the one week we were away and kept wondering at how much she has grown once we were back. He says that she’s become a bit quiet. Which is true to a certain extent. She’s becoming a bit less boisterous now. She has also learnt how to be shy and it’s hilarious to watch. She loves attention but the minute she notices a lot of attention being given to her or if she meets someone new, she’ll either hide her face against my legs, or the curtain, or the sofa, or if nothing is available she’ll crouch down and try to hide her face against the ground. I sometimes think that she’ll be a very girly girl, what with the fascination for soft toys, the ‘sharmana’, the looks of pure ‘ada’ she gives sometimes. But then she’ll throw a spadeful of sand on some baby’s head, or run screaming down the car park ramp, or fart very loudly and happily say ‘poo poo’ and I know that there’s no danger for the time being.


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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  1. Nice to hear abt you Anna..I can’t take my eyes off the picture..She is an adorable doll ..umma..

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