My husband, the poet.

A long, long time age (ok not so long ago) I mailed this poem to R. I was maybe sulking, or maybe just like that, I don’t really remember.

Nobody loves me,
Everybody hates me,
I think I’ll go and eat worms.

Big fat squishy ones,
Little thin skinny ones,
See how they wriggle and squirm.

Bite their heads off.
“Schlurp!” they’re lovely,
Throw their tails away.

Nobody knows
How big I grows
on worms three times a day.

I had seen it on Sue’s blog and fell in love with it.

My lovely Bihari boy sent me this reply.

This little bihari boy has grown up and recites the same poem but in a different tone

Koi humse ishq nahi karta
Sab humse nafrat karte hai
Hum chale bhaiya kechua khane

Mote mushtande kechue
Patle chote kechue
Dekho kaise tatol rahe hai

Unke sar ko chaba ke khao
Puchee ko kat ke fek do

Koi nahi jantaa
Hum kitna bada ho gaya hun
Teen guna badne ka raaz
Khao kechua  baar baar

I was going through my old mails and came across this, can’t stop grinning.

The next one is a bit silly and mushy but I do love it! I was pregnant and R had gone to Finland for a month. Poor old me was pining for him and this is what he sent.

Do khargosh
Pyaar mein madhosh
Thode door hai
Kya kare majboor hai
Ek mahine ke baat hai
Phir rahena sath hai
Ud ke aaoonga amber se
Sath honge november se
Din-raat aur rangeen honge
Hum do se teen honge

He used to call me khargosh and for the life of me I can’t remember why. Anyway it totally made my day when he sent it two years ago and again today when I read it.

We have come such a long way from the young couple we were. I think we were so visibly smitten with each other and romance was always in the air. It makes me a  bit wistful to think of those times. We are still young but having a baby makes one become so much more grown-up than one’s peers who are still single or childless. Now our days revolve around Anna and her antics. Sure the romance is still there but it’s a much quieter romance. It’s more about him giving Anna her first bottle of milk in the morning so that I can lie-in for 10 more minutes than going out for a romantic dinner.

I sometimes look at facebook pictures of people going around the world, posing in stylish clothes, status updates of snorkeling with the dolphins, and feel a pang of envy. Here am I,  in my boring old clothes, with unwaxed limbs and caterpillar eyebrows, shunting from home to work and back, and there are the ‘other’ people, living those glamorous lives. But then Anna says something which has us in splits, or she’ll snuggle up to me and smile that heart-wrenching smile, or I’ll cuddle with R on the sofa after Anna’s asleep, he’ll be tip-tapping on his laptop or watching some inane program on TV, I’ll have my nose buried in the book of the moment (I’m re-reading the HP series for the third or maybe fourth time by the way) and then I know that I’ve never been more content in my life, more at peace with myself and my life. I often think of the line ‘God’s in his heaven; All’s right with the world’ at these times. And ofcourse snorkeling with the dolphins will be so much more fun when we have our own baby dolphin with us :).


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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8 Responses to My husband, the poet.

  1. Tharani says:

    Though didn’t understand the poems, but am sure its full of love..Loved this post.
    Wishing you guys all happiness in life.

  2. nandita says:

    Such a lovely poem.. wishing the two (3) silly rabbits many more love filled times to come!

    • anna's mom says:

      Thanks Nandita :). I never expected to find someone I really know commenting here. It’s such a pleasant surprise! Hope you and the baby are doing good.

      • nandita says:

        I just stumbled upon your blog.. but anna’s aaphish post gave it away and then I saw her pics! I also never expected to come across a blog written by someone I know. Glad I came here.. love the way u r writing the Chronicles of anna’s childhood. Gosh I have to start my own blog for T i guess…

  3. Anil Singhal says:

    very interesting poem 🙂

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