Anna at fifteen months

There’s just so much to write about Anna that I’ve been subconsciously putting it off. But enough of procrastination.

Animals she recognizes by looking at a picture – cat, hippopotamus (heppatiti), giraffe, camel, tiger, rabbit, crow, parrot, duck, cow, hen, bear, birdie (for any bird). Some she doesn’t name but associates them with a sound or action : dog – boo boo, snake – hiss, elephant – she says ooo and makes a trunk with her hand, frog – she has a dancing frog so she dances, monkey – khau khau. Other toys which she names are ball (she used to call this bats), bat, dolly, teddy, cup (for her stacking cups). She brings her cups and demands we make a tar (tower). Anna is slowly developing an interest in toys and plays for sometime by herself. She specially likes cooking sets and tries to feed us or make us drink from her cups.

She is getting more and more interested in books and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is still liked, but her new favourite is The Cat in the Hat. One major development is that she is now interested in hearing the story and not only looking at the pictures. She will choose a book and bring it, then she hands it to either me or R and climbs into our lap. She will then patiently hear the whole story. Need to buy new books asap since I’m getting a bit sick of reading The Cat in the Hat 20 times a day. She remembers bits of the stories which is something I find really amazing. She points to Thing1 and Thing2 in The Cat in the Hat and says ‘thing’, in another book the characters are tapping eggs to break them and she says ‘tap tap’ when we reach that page.

Anna is now able to recognize a few tunes. When ‘Old McDonald’ plays on her toy piano she says ‘iya iya’. When we recite ‘twinkle twinkle’ or the tune plays she makes the twinkle motion and says ‘pa pa pa’. I think the ‘pa pa pa’ comes from the ‘up above the world so high’ line. This is something she learnt in daycare. Anna continues to amaze me everyday by the things she understands and remembers. Ask her ‘clock kaise chalti hai’ and she says ‘tick tock tick tock tick’. When we ask her to call the crow she says either ‘kauwa aa’ or ‘kauwa come’. She also calls her Jiya didi (‘jiya aa’) and her Pallu Mausi (‘pawwu aa’). The one word she refuses to say is ‘mausi’. She has 3 mausis here and they keep coaxing her but she just gives a shy smile and remains mum. She speaks long sentences in gibberish all the time which make no sense at all to us but are so very sweet and funny to listen to. She insists that every place is ‘aaphish’. It started with ‘Mummy Papa kahan jaate hain?’, to which she would reply ‘aaphish’. The when she started daycare we tried to make her reply with ‘school’ to ‘Anna kahan jaati hai?’. But she would stubbornly reply with ‘aaphish’ to that also. Now for every ‘xyz kahan gaya hai?’ or ‘hum kahan aaye hain?’ she replies with ‘aaphish’.

She loves her little chair and her latest favourite activity is to stand on it. It’s a bit scary and we have to be extra careful that she doesn’t fall. She also removes the blocks on a small pushing wagon she has and stands on it. Is able to mostly correctly identify people (papa, mummy, dadi, nani etc) in photos. She is a very brave baby unlike her Mumma. Yesterday she was playing on the kitchen floor while I was boiling her milk. The light went off and it became pitch dark. I thought she would be scared and started groping around to find her. As soon as my hand brushed against her she started giggling. The little idiot was feeling ticklish. The only thing she is a bit scared of is ‘keeda’. She saw a cockroach one day and since then if we tell her to not go somewhere because ‘wahan pe keeda hai’ she usually comes back.

In the first one year of her life, Anna didn’t puke much. But in the past one month she’s been puking with a frequency of about twice a week. On our onward journey to Singapore I think it was mostly motion sickness. Since we’ve come back she has a cough and when she coughs too much she pukes. She’s much better now but the cough is still there. We stopped the medicine the doc gave, after a week because the severity of the cough became much less. Now we give her a mixture of honey and tulsi and ginger juice everyday and it seems to be helping but she’s still not completely ok. I just hope the cough goes away soon.

Anna cries much less now when I leave for office and I can’t express the immense amount of comfort I get from that. She seems pretty happy with her ‘Didi’ and her daycare and I thank God each day for the wonderful maids I have. They deserve a separate post to themselves in which I can’t sing enough of their virtues.

Anna and I are going to my parent’s home for Diwali. I’m really excited and ofcourse my parents are over the moon. Papa specially since he hasn’t seen Anna since last December, and that too only for two days. I’ll be spending a week there and hope to come back refreshed and pampered. Keeping my fingers crossed for the flight. It will be my first time traveling all alone with Anna, plus the flight is a hopping one with a total duration of 4 hours.


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