The Incredible Anna…

has now learnt how to walk backwards! It’s the latest thing for her. She stands in the middle of the living room and walks backwards till her back is against the balcony door. She looks very pleased with herself – as if she’s secretly walking and no one can figure it out.

She’s also learnt how to sit on various things. It started last week when we bought her a tiny chair – just the perfect size for her. In the beginning she couldn’t figure out how to park her bum on it. But in a few days, in combination with the walking backwards, she figured it out. Now she sits on everything. Her chair, the balcony ledge, the edge of the tub in which we keep her toys, her stuffed toys.

Her vocabulary is improving day by day. She recognizes all the animals in the Dear Zoo book and either says the name or does some action which is associated with the animal. We have another zoo book which has the picture of a hippopotamus. When we ask her to name it, she says ‘hippatootoo’ or something like that. But her favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She makes us read it to her atleast 10 times in the day. She can correctly recognize car, truck, scooter, bus and cycle. One of her favourite activities is to either sit on the balcony or look out of the window and point at all the cars and trucks which pass by.

Has settled down a bit in day care. We met her teacher this weekend and she said that Anna doesn’t cry so much now. She loves to go out. She spends a major part of the day outdoors and doesn’t want to come back home.

I posted her schedule a few months ago but it has changed so much now. Now it looks something like

6-6:30am : Wake up and play on the bed.

6:30am : Bottle of milk. Then playtime till 8:15. In the meanwhile we get ready and the housework gets done.

8:15am: Bath time. She still loves the bath. Doesn’t let me massage her. I somehow just manage to rub oil all over her.

8:30am: Breakfast. Somedays she’ll eat. Somedays she won’t eat a bite. Oatmeal, toast with butter or cheesespread or jam, poha etc.

9:00am: Mumma leaves for office. Her maid arrives.

10:00-12:00am : Daycare. She has a snack there at 11. Stuffed paratha, macaroni, fruit yoghurt, paratha subzi.

12:15pm: Lunch of khichdi. She is thankfully fond of this.

12:45pm: A bottle of milk and off to sleep.

2:30pm: Wake up from the nap.

3:00pm: Goes down with the maid to play in the garden/play area.

4:30pm: Back home. Might have a snack. Bottle of juice, some fruit. She rarely eats fruit.

5:00pm : Mumma is back home.

5:30pm: Down for a walk with Mumma and Nani. Play time in the garden again.

6:30pm: Dinner. Paratha and a bit of khichdi.

7:00pm: Lotion time, change of clothes, brush teeth.

7:15pm: Jai jai time. Her Dadi used to do the evening aarti and Anna enjoyed it so much that we also started doing it.

7:30pm: Bottle of milk and bed-time.

She either gets up once around 9:30 and finishes her bottle or I give it to her in her sleep at around 10. She gets up maybe twice in the night for a short feed. She does get up more times but mostly goes back to sleep when I pat her. I feed her once early in the morning. She’s sleeping much better now and I’m really thankful for that. She was taking a morning nap at around 9:00am till about a week ago but has dropped it now.

So that’s it. There will be major upheaval in her life when Mummy leaves but hopefully we’ll be able manage. Fingers crossed for that.


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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