The 30 Day Book Challenge – Day 10

Day 10 – Favorite classic book

There was a time when I was around 12-13 that I read only classics. I had read most of the Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews and the like but my mom thought that I was too young for contemporary books like those by Sidney Sheldon, Barbara Taylor Bradford. I think it was the perfect age to get introduced to those wonderful, wonderful books which we call classics. Because they truly are classics. Jane Austen, Daphne du Maurier, Louisa May Alcott, Thomas Hardy are just a few of the great authors I read at that time.

Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier is the ultimate love story. A rebellious and high-spirited heroine who happened to be much married and had two kids. A tall, dark and handsome hero who was also a pirate. A sizzling love story :).

I think I loved the book as much as the story. It was an old tattered copy that belonged to my grandmother. The pages were coming apart and I read the book by making two piles of pages – read and unread. The smell of old books – divine!


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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