Thirteen months old (a few days ago)

Anna is talking so much now. It sometimes amazes me how we talk to her like we would talk to a much older child. Not a 13 month old. And she understands everything. I am one proud Mommy!

Ask her ‘Mumma kahan jaati hai’ or ‘Papa kahan jaate hain’ and she says ‘Aaphish’. When she’s hungry and it’s near lunchtime she demands ‘khicchi’. Demands for ‘ghoo ghoo’ (du-du or milk) are made mutliple times throughout the day. If its not time for milk we try to ignore her. Sometimes she forgets but other times she goes and points to where the bottles are kept and says imperiously again ‘ghoo ghoo’. Yesterday evening in the garden she kept trying to get into a cricket game. There were some bats lying around and she fell in love with them. Kept going ‘bat bat’ and stroked them ever so lovingly. Whenever she sees a dog or a picture of  dog she says ‘boo’. Says ‘hi’ and waves her hand ever so sweetly. ‘Tata’ and ‘bye-bye’ have been around for quite sometime. Points to a painted pot we have and says ‘pot’. We have a wall hanging with a hut embroidered on which she points to and says ‘hut’. When she wants to go out she points to the balcony and says ‘ba’. Keeps demanding ‘mum’ (water) throughout the day. She sometimes randomly repeats things which we say. Like yesterday Mummy was reciting ‘pat-a-cake’ for her and she said something which sounded a lot like ‘pat-a-cake’. She is very fond of her nursery rhymes book and points to the ‘baa baa black sheep’ page and says ‘ba ba ba’. There is so much more which I have forgotten right now.

She loves her evening playtime. First a short walk in the stroller, then run around time in the garden. She doesn’t stay still for a minute. I sometimes feel a tad bit jealous of moms whose babies happily play in one place. She runs all over the place, mostly to get into the football or cricket games going on. Struggles really hard when I haul her away. I don’t know why all the babies only want to play with each other’s balls. Not a single one is interested in their own balls. I have to sheepishly keep returning balls, sippers, snack-boxes which Anna without-fail manages to grab.

For an anti-social person like me it’s a big change. I take a lot of time to open up to even people I interact with everyday. It took me a few months to start having lunch with my team when I first joined. I would prefer to just quickly have it in my cube. R pestered me into having lunch with them. Which is good thing because now I am on very good terms with everyone. Talking to people I don’t know was beyond me. Before Anna was born I didn’t know a single person in our complex. Not even our immediate neighbours. R knew some people because he plays cricket with them. But somehow I could never figure out how to talk to people who are strangers to me. Now, even though I still don’t have any friends, I’m on smiling and making small talk terms with a lot of other moms. Only people keep asking if we are new here and I have to tell them that we’ve been staying here for more than two years. To which they’re always surprised and say that they’ve never seen me around. To which I just mumble some answer. Baby for you I will do this. I don’t want you to get excluded just because your Mumma is this anti-social bookworm who doesn’t know how to talk to people. Hopefully you’ll be more like your papa in this aspect.

My poor baby has a cold again since yesterday night. She was fine all day but started crying at around 10 in the night. Hardly slept the whole night and yours truly was obviously awake with her. This is her second cold in one month. Hopefully it’ll be a mild one and our home-remedies will be sufficient. It’s so tough to see your baby sick.


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First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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2 Responses to Thirteen months old (a few days ago)

  1. It was nice to read abt Anna, she is growing too fast isn’t it? Even I find it tough to make friends these days. Did she start day care or is she at home with the Nanny? Oh I can so understand handling the sick kid, right now I am sailing in similar boat..

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