The 30 Day Book Challenge – Day 1

Day 01 – Best book you read last year

This is turning out to be a tough one. Last year is the year I read the least. Plus I hardly remember much about anything I read. Mostly library books, most of which I don’t even remember now. I think the book I remember the most is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Though it is not a book which I would generally rate as a best book of a year, for last year it has to be the one. If for no other reason than that I can’t remember any other notable book from last year. Overall it was a very good read. Fast paced, funny, and I found the whole Greek mythology angle really fascinating. It actually made me look up a lot of that stuff on the net. I have read the second installment of the series (The Sea of Monsters) which was also pretty good. Yet to read the remaining books of the series and will hopefully manage that this year.


About anna's mom

First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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