Weight is just a number. Cuteness is not.

Why can’t I lose the extra weight I am carrying around? And why can’t Anna become a wee little bit plump? These two are my main concerns nowadays. Did you just say I’m shallow? Dude if I hit you with my extra weight you’ll never recover.

But seriously I am so bugged with people telling me that Anna is ‘kamzor’. She is not. And you’re just jealous because you are a fat cow. phhrrrrrr.

Anna is around 8.2 kgs now. She was 3.2 kgs at birth which was around the 50 percentile. I think she must be around 25 percentile now. I’ve stopped checking because it only makes me worry needlessly. She eats well. Not a lot but decent. And she doesn’t take even one mouthful extra if she’s full. Which I think is a good thing. Less chances of her overeating later and having weight problems as a teenager or adult. Plus she’s extremely active. The only time she’s still is when she’s sleeping. I never see her sitting quietly and playing. She’s always on the move. Yesterday evening she spent half an hour flat just walking round and round the carpet. It exhausts me to just look at her. Her doctor said there’s not much chance of her being plump since R and I are both slim. He said if she eats well and is active then there’s nothing to worry about. Weight is just a number. I know plump babies look cute and cuddly. But to me Anna is the cutest and cuddliest baby ever. Plus she has always been ahead of the book in all her physical milestones. Maybe the fact that she’s lightweight has something to do with it? Maybe plump babies have trouble pulling all that weight around. But I don’t go around telling their Moms that your baby is too fat. Ok I must calm down.

What is it with people commenting about weight in general? Is it an acceptable social topic? Is it any of your business? I met a college friend a couple of times in the past few months after a gap of around 3 years. Both times the first thing he said to me was that I’d put on weight. I’ve had a baby for God’s sake. And for the record I’m only 2-3 kgs above my pre-pregnancy weight. At the moment I’m 57 kgs for a height of 5’6″. Not that I’m skinny by any stretch of imagination. I have a definite tummy but right now it’s not a priority to me. If I manage to get through each day with work and baby and without compromising too much on either I’m happy. The rest can weight – sorry wait.

Now tell me please. Is this baby anything but cute?


About anna's mom

First time mom to my lovely little Anna. Mostly swinging between exhaustion and exhilaration. Avid reader, feminist, and out of words at the moment No longer a first time mom. Now mom to my darling babies - Anna and Niki. Still exhausted, still exhilarated,
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8 Responses to Weight is just a number. Cuteness is not.

  1. Titaxy says:

    isn’t she cute!

    as you say, weight is just a number. don’t be bothered by what others have to say. as long as one knows that they are healthy, that’s what matters. people used to call me fat…and then after i lost some weight they started advising me not to diet (when i was not even dieting; they just assumed that i was??!!!) so either way, people have one thing or the other to say…waste of time being bothered by their comments.

    • anna's mom says:

      thanks titaxy. i also usually don’t bother but sometimes it really gets my goat. being told again and again that my baby is skinny is really irritating. i guess we just have to let it go. sigh.

  2. ThaRaNi MeTiLDa says:

    Hey 57 is just normal. Relax. Don’t bother them. And the baby- absolute cuty 🙂 look at the way she smiles. awesome 🙂

    • anna's mom says:

      thanks tharani. and i usually don’t bother but this was just plain bad manners. i would never tell anyone that they are fat. wish i had the guts to answer back.

  3. You baby is absolutely sweet and cute..I can’t stop looking at her pic..I too went throught these feelings in the first year, every month I monitor her weight and percentile and worry for no reason. I still do..your baby is looking very healthy(touch wood).

    You 57Kgs for yoyr height, you definitely skinny, I too have tummy, have written a weight loss post sometime ago..look here..http://weourlife.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/weight-tracking/

  4. starsinmeyes says:

    She is ADORABLY DELICIOUS! Lookit that hair! And that mischievious grin. Why the heck can’t people see all this perfection instead of commenting on weight?

    I’ve been put thru’ the grinder over my daughter’s weight, too. Still am, and she’s 9! So fed up of it. She’s a real strong kid who can lift her brother who’s just a couple of kilos lighter…but they think she’s weak. Bah!

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